The South-Siberian
Botanical Garden (SSBG)
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Director:: Doctor of Botany Shmakov Alexandr Ivanovich
Director of Studies:: Kutsev Maxim Gennadyevich
Managing Director:: Yurkov Victor Evramovitch.
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The Department of Taxonomy (3852) 670927 (3852)670927
It is headed by Candidate of Botany, reader, Smirnov Sergey Vladimirovitch.
He studies Altay flora, collects plants and herbarium for conservation of Altay flora. The basic achievement of the department is the participation in making fundamental works in taxonomy and flora including Altay flora, Red Book of the Altay Territory. The department has also a laboratory for molecular and genetic analysis of different plants.
The Department of grasses (3852)676460
It is headed by Candidate of Botany - Alexandrova Olga Vasilievna.
The collection of flora of the Altay Territory and Altay Republic appeared in 1980. More then 2000 species and forms of grasses have been grown and studied for the last years. Taking into consideration such factors as frost - resistance, disease resistance, the ability of reproduction, the group including 119 perspective grasses was singled out for the further introduction in the conditions of Barnaul.
The Department of wood plants and shrubs (3852)676460
It is headed by Kostyukov Sergey Alexandrovich. There are 117 species of trees, shrubs and lianas there.
The larger part of the collection contains representatives of Altay flora. Far-Eastern flora is presented by 35 species, the European part of Russia is presented by 14 species. The works on introduction of bird cherry and selection of blackcurrent to disease resistance have recently been started.
The Department of Decorative Plants (3852)676460
It is headed by Kochanova Lyudmila Andreevna, Candidate of Agriculture
The scientific tendency of work in the department is connected with enrichment of Altay flora due to extensive study of cultivated plants on the Earth and local wild decorative plants. The collection in the Department has 870 perennial samples and 140 annual samples of plants. There are basically the plants of natural flora: saxifrages, buttercups, veronica and others.
The Department of Geobotany and natural resources (3852)368639
It is headed by Elesova Nataliya Vladimirovna, Candidate of Botany.
The work of the members of this department is directed to study and analysis of the vegetable cover in Western Altay; study of flora and vegetation in such broken locations as cities, townships, forest belts; showing up new locations of the so called imported species of plants and also carrying out bioindicational works on the analysis of environmental conditions.
The Department: Herbarium(3852)367327
It is headed by Usik Nadezhda Anatolievna, Candidate of Botany, reader
The date of the foundation of the department is 1983.
Herbarium was founded on the basis of the Botanical Department of the Biological Faculty. The collections of Herbarium have been made within the framework of field practice, writing research works and diplomas by students of the Department of Botany. In 1995 Herbarium was registered in Index Herbarium and it was given an international acronym ALTB. Now the collection of Herbarium is presented by primary and duplicative samples. The primary collection (about 250000 units) is shown with the help of lower and higher plants. The collection of lower plants consists of lichens. Higher plants are mostly presented by vascular plants.
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The Department of Biotechnology (3852)667572
It is headed by Candidate of Botany Davydov Eugenie Alexandrovich.
The date of the foundation of the department was 1994.
The aims and tasks of the department are working out the methods of regeneration and microreproduction of agricultural plants, rare and endangered species; making and keeping up these collections in vitro. One of the basic directions of the department is cloning plants. >> more