The South-Siberian
Botanical Garden (SSBG)
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The Botanical Gardens and its scientific members are engaged in active teaching work.

Special courses in Botany (local flora, botanical practical work) and in Biotechnology (Biotechnology, practical work) are constantly held in the Botanical Gardens.

The SSBG is a place for summer practice for the first-year students and second-year students of the Biological Faculty. Students have an opportunity to study different families of Altay Flora and receive skills in introductional work during practice. Summer practical work is organized in the Altay Territory for the first-year students and second-year students of the Biological Faculty and for senior students who are specialized in Botany. During practical work students analyze different natural zones and plants, study species of plants in various parts of the Altay Territory, get an experience in gathering plants and making Herbarium, make geobotanical descriptions, control rare and endangered species of plants.
Students take an active part in the expeditions of the SSBG where they collect some materials for their future research works, diplomas and for the re-stocking of the collections in the SSBG.

Every year nearly 10-15 research works and diplomas are written on the basis of the collections in the Botanical Gardens and the materials in the expeditions. Studies of flora, researches in Taxonomy and Ecology are constantly made for writing theses.
Seven theses for a degree of Candidate have been defended during the last 3 years.
Excursions are organized in the SSBG for pupils, students of Higher Educational Institutions, for the members of different organizations in Barnaul (for example, pharmaceutical chemists, phytodesigners and others).

Every year students from vocational schools who want to get a profession of a flower-grower and a flower-decorator have practice based on the Department of Decorative Plants.
The Botanical Gardens gives trees, shrubs, bushes and grasses to different organizations so that they can plant Barnaul with trees and gardens.