The South-Siberian
Botanical Garden (SSBG)
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The South-Siberian Botanical Gardens (SSBG) was opened by order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Education of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic (RSFSR) as an independent structural subdivision of The Altay State University (The ASU) in December 1979. The idea of foundation belongs to Irina Vicktorovna Vereshagina - the senior scientific member. Having been the supervisor of the Botanical Gardens for a long time she devoted much attention to making up the collection of the open soil. At the same time I.V.Vereshagina worked out the plan of "systematicum".

Maloletko A.M., Kryvshenko L.V., Terekhina T.A. were also participated in the foundation of the South-Siberian Botanical Gardens.

Shmakov Alexandr Ivanovich has been the director of the Botanical Gardens since January 1988. In 1988 Shmakov A.I. defended the thesis for degree of Candidate "Ferns in Altay, Tien Shan and Semirechye" and the thesis for degree of Doctor in 2000.

The South-Siberian Botanical Gardens ( The SSBG) of the Altay State University is situated in the coniferous forest in the high part of Barnaul and separated by the forest tract from the urban districts at the distance more than 900 meters. There are no large transport roots and polluters there.
Geographical coordinates: 53? 16? NL, 83? 40? EL.
Height above the sea level: 194-203 meters.
Climate: sharply continental, average annual t?C - + 1?C; avg Jan. t?C = - 17,7?; Jul. t?C = + 19?C.
Annual precipitation: 480 mm.
Precipitation during vegetation period : 300 mm.
Area: 48,2 ha.
Status in the University: a place for practical training
Staff: 58 people, among them 3 Doctors of Science.

The first directors who began writing the history of the Botanical Gardens were:
1. Shkurov Vladimir Pavlovich was director of the Botanical Gardens from 17 March 1980 to 14 April 1981.
2. Pfilatov Vasilii Panteleevich acted as director from 8 April 1981. He was director from 13 May 1982 to 6 December 1986.
3. Kiryuahov Vitalii Dmitrievich was director of the Botanical Gardens from 6 December 1984 up to 16 April 1986.
4. Borovitskaya (Habarova) Svetlana Nikolaevna had been director since 6 December 1986.

Shmakov Alexandr Ivanovich has been director since January 1988 up to today.